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This portfolio is way out of date (I am 24 now and not 21) but I like to keep it up for legacy and memory’s sake. If you like what you see, wait till you see what I can do now.


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RawR Photos

I have always loved design and embraced all of the imaging arts. Photography. 'Nuff said.

Speak EZ

Andy needed an effective landing page to promote and sell his new product - and he needed it done fast!

Poggi Wealth Institute

Michael Poggi wanted to develop a program to teach his various ways to build wealth to the public. The Poggi Wealth Institute was that vision made into a reality.

Fun In The Sun Yachts

Looking to set sail on a beautiful catamaran across the Atlantic waters? Book your own sailing adventure with Fun In The Sun Yacht Charter's new website.

Tupperware Video

Tupperware needed a professional video - one focusing on not just business and promotion, but on "relaxing" and in the workplace.

INROADS Video & Audio

Inroads, a organization that helps minority students succeed, was looking for a fast and efficient film and audio team to tackle their latest video project and looked no further.

Ladies Let’s Go Fishing

The passion of a lady who simply loves fishing combined with a new website to help women around the world learn.

My name is Tiger Sun. I am here to help. 

Originally from sunny South Florida, I have since relocated to Toronto after establishing quite a reputation among the businesses in the Sunshine State. As you can see, I specialize in all things digital design and online business related – having worked with over dozens of companies and building over a hundred websites all within my 21 years on this planet. I am no stranger to hard work and have been hustling ever since I began my business ventures at 14.

I am still CEO of my own little marketing company in Florida, in which me and a team of buddies work to help the local small businesses and push our creativity and marketing innovation. However, my journey has now taken me to Canada – a wonderfully diverse place in which I am now looking to advance my own skills and help the people and businesses around me succeed.


Me pictured above – a self portrait


 “If you’re looking for someone who can take you to the next level online, Tiger is your man.” 
Andy Henriquez

Show Up For Your Life

“There are internet marketers and then there is Tiger Sun. Tiger is a clear stand out from the rest in the industry. Cutting edge, innovative and a true rainmaker are just a few of the adjectives that I would use to describe Tiger. Tiger and his staff have completed countless projects for me over the past few years and he never ceases to amaze me and exceed my expectations. My online brand, community, and sales conversion rate have all expanded as a direct result of working with Tiger and his team. If you’re looking for someone who can take you to the next level online, Tiger is your man.”


I have many skills, but don’t confuse the “Jack-of-all-trades” nature with apprehension and lack of commitment. (I can assure you I am an ace many programs listed below.) In my field of business, innovation and creativity is the driving force – and many of the services I have provided for my clients were unique. Plus, being a business owner, you really don’t know how much work goes into a job until you have done it yourself. By learning the ropes, I know exactly what kind of quality to expect, and the time it takes to complete a set task. It makes finding great talent in a highly competitive digital world feasible.


Creative Graphic Design

I have been dabbling with digital art and graphics since I was 13 years old – and since have been professionally contracted for a number of projects. The primary programs I design with: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Online Marketing

After performing my own marketing services for my personal motorcycle business, I began offering my expertise to other business owners when I was just 17. Here’s what I can do for your company: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Adwords Pay Per Click ad campaigns, blogging, viral videos through YouTube, and Social Media (including Facebook Pay Per Click and pages campaigns).


I picked up photography to fill a gap in my business. I used to outsource photography work with my business development clients and then decided to learn this skill and do everything in-house. The result was faster results without dealing with 3rd party contractors and now another handy skill-set in my arsenal. View my photography website. I shoot with Canon. (Sorry Nikon fans!)

Film & Video

I am fully equipped to take care of just about any in-house filming and editing needs. I’m no Michael Bay or Quentin Tarantino, but my work is high quality, cost effective, and will get the job done. Programs I primarily use: Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Sound Booth.

Web Design & development

I built my first website over 7 years ago on notepad – when we didn’t have all of these fancy website editors and Facebook didn’t even exist. Currently, my web development motto is “design to the point” which means simple and clean websites that work. There’s no point in having the Mona Lisa of websites if it doesn’t get your company a single sale. My designs work to get a job done.

Online Business Development

Anyone can make a website nowadays, but how about a working online system customized for your business with a full marketing package designed to generate leads, sales, or sign-ups. More than anything, I can help get your company online from zero to full working order. My specialties include: eCommerce, WordPress, Logos/Branding, Sales Copywriting, and Workflows & Systems. I have set-up up extensive campaigns with many companies covering CMS and CRM’s to multiple landing pages and even Google Adwords optimization.

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“I asked God for a worthy life, not an easy one” 


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CA Phone: 647.609.3133
US Phone: 305.707.8777


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